Preventing Data Leaks

There are various ways in which data leaks can occur. It can be because of employee negligence, unauthorized database access, employees and dismissed employees with malicious intent and more. Data leaks have serious repercussions in forms of fines and penalties, loss of money and a ruined reputation. So, how can you prevent data leaks from happening?

Internet security

  • What is data governance? Data governance is one of your best bets when it comes to protecting your data and making sure that the right people can be made accountable in case a critical event occurs. Data governance includes not just tools but a set of procedures as well that define its policies.
  • You need to identify which data are most in need of protection. Sensitive information should be protected by the highest level of security and background checks should be conducted before employees are granted access to the information.
  • Install a software that can monitor database activity and have it notify you whenever someone accesses sensitive information.
  • Make sure that your sensitive data are protected through encryption. If encryption is causing issues with your gateway security, consider using SSH/SCP encrypted network transmission methods.
  • Prevent data leaks made using email and the Web by installing a module that can look for patterns similar to sensitive information like social security numbers and credit card numbers.

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